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    Fjallraven Kanken Back Pack Review

    I doubt I have to present you to the coolest backback on the block – Fjallraven’s iconic design that is Kanken. I’ve been wanting one of these dinky-yet-durable rucksacks for periods, so I’ve been quite happy reviewing this attractiveness that is oxblood.

    I do enjoy tools with a bit of history behind it, don’t you? The Kanken was started in Sweden in

    where to buy fjallraven as a school-friendly back pack for little ones, and has straightforward layout ethics at its core. Made of durable, lightweight Vinylon F material, Kankens soon got a cult following in Sweden for their quality and practicality. And now I’ve got one, so you know they’re cool.

    Product description: "The retro classic Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is getting a firm favourite here. This rucksack was initially launched in 1978 and has been an ever present in the their range since. Made from super Vinylon F fabric that is durable, it is lightweight and very demanding and features a large main compartment, carry handle, double side pockets, zipped front pocket, a sitting pad in the back pocket along with the fox symbol is also a reflector. Now regarded as a design icon, the Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack is used by hip folk trying to find a great looking retro style backpack."

    Sunday cycles: The Kanken is the right size for lazy day adventures by bike. It is little and light enough to sit up on your own back, but roomy enough to fit a waterproof, thermos and a spare inner tube or two. My favourite design element are the convenient top handles – clip them together and you’ve got a tote that is easily portable, making. It’s good for nighttime riding also – you can clip

    fjallraven kanken onto the handles easily, and the quite adorable sleeping fox emblem on the front is, in addition, a reflector. The single downer for bikers is that the thin straps of the Kanken can dig into your shoulders a bit if you’re taking heavy equipment. When I’m taking my significant camera kit into work, I Will get a bag with padded shoulder straps instead.

    Hiking in the New Forest: Ideal for all your Famous Five experiences, the waterproof outer of the Kanken will survive a heavy shower and keep all your cherished possessions dry, plus it’s easy to wipe clean if things get a bit dirty. Or whether or not it gets drooled on by inquisitive New Forest ponies. Handy pockets on the front, sides and in are perfect for storing essentials (read: chocolate bars), and there’s even a seat pad included for your picnicking comfort. Oh, and it’ll look amazing when you Instagram all the healthful fun you are having.

    Verdict: Watertight light and more easy on the pocket than its bigger brothers and sisters, the Kanken Classic certainly will get far more clothing than you might expect, making it perfect for sightseeing, day trips and little ventures, and is, in addition, a bit of a Tardis. Plus, it is just so ADORABLE. I’m a sucker for outdoorsy layout that is retro, and I love the clean lines and bright primary colours of the Kanken.